K's 18th Birthday

This  event  was  executed  with   a  personalized  service  to  make  K’s dream    "Under   the   Sea   Theme" debut  into  a reality. This was a  full year  preparation  as we made  sure that  we had the best vendors in the  city  on  our  line up. We did budget  management  and  diligently  picked  ideas for  the  gown,  hair  and make-up,  photographer,       videographer, venue  and  emcee. We  believe  that hard  work  pays  off  and  the result  of  this  party  is  a testimony  to that. It's a very unforgettable experience for me and my team.

A's 18th Birthday

This   was   a  simple   and   intimate event.  The   hands    on       parents partnered  with  us and spearheaded in  planning the details of this special night  with  the  goal of  making  it   a memorable    birthday    for       their daughter.  We  made  sure  that   we  achieved these goals by making sure it  is  a  night  that  would  be  remembered  and  cherished  by everyone.