D & C Wedding 

This event had a remarkable result after a  year of  preparation. With 250 guests in the reception  and 100  guests in  the ceremony,  we consider  this  as  one  of  our   biggest  event. Everything  went smoothly  as  planned  and  it  definitely  made the couple's wedding an eventful and memorable one.


J & B Wedding

The   hands  on  couple  went  for   the  Rustic   Theme  for  their wedding.  We focused  on the decoration and smooth  execution   of  the  program. We  made  sure  that  the couple's dream wedding come into a reality.


H & M Wedding

This   wedding  featured a number of  Filipino  traditions which  included   a  tribal  gong  dance      (to    ward    off  misfortunes and negative  memories  from  the past)  and   the   customary money dance (for the couple to have good  fortune).    We   provided   a complementary saxophone performer who serenaded the guests over dinner. Our client was pleased with the over all result of this event.



Feedbacks From Our Clients...

"Thank  you  so  much  for assisting  us   on  our  wedding day! From start  to  end  you  helped us  plan  everything    by doing what we want, making what we want possible and you  made our  simple  but elegant wedding so special. If  you  are  looking  for  an  events  coordinator, consult @K-events  and  Ate Kathy will definitely  help  you on  what  your wants/need."

Doella and Carl